Our Background

Christopher Villiers and Richard Smedley met on the set of First Knight in which Chris was acting and Richard was a personal trainer. They had the idea of creating the first-ever skills led agency. 2020 Casting was founded and soon grew to encompass all manner of abilities and talents.

2020 Casting established a new way of working that made a huge impact on the film industry and proudly was the first agency to take digital photographs of all its artistes. Many advances in technology have been made since then but we have always remained at the forefront and were also the first to use text messaging systems to contact our artistes before it was even commercially available!


Christopher Villiers

Christopher co-founded 2020 Casting with Richard Smedley during the filming of First Knight in 1995.


Richard Smedley

Richard is a technical advisor and actor's personal trainer with over twenty years’ experience in the British and International film industry.